Nov 10 2007

Saturday looks small but rideable

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Hello Friends,

The very short version: get out there.

The longer version: we still have some little glassy waves at beaches with a fondness for east swell (ie, most places in Sydney) . Size is generally in the waist high range at the bigger spots, but there should be a few shoulder high sets in the mix too. Average size at sea is in the two metre range (pretty much the way it’s been since Monday) and the period is around the 8 second mark all up and down the NSW coast. So, not a lot of juice, but when you get one of those double-up sets, it can get interesting.

Bureau’s call is for light and variable winds this morning in Sydney. By this afternoon, as the last of the showers have cleared away, it’ll be 10-15 kts from the east – hence the advice to get in early.

Looking ahead, I’d say we’ll have something again tomorrow, but after that it looks as though we’re in for a week (at least) of small to flat conditions for the east coast.

Go well with your day! 10nov07dyb.jpg

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