Nov 14 2007

Dreaming of future days

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Hello Friends,

Looks like another morning for Sydney surfers to get off to work or school without a backward glance at the beach. It’s so small at Dee Why, that I find it hard to imagine anywhere within a couple hundred k’s will be significantly more surfable. I think you _might_ be able to get a short glide on a knee high crumbler if you can deploy something very long and buoyant.


The numbers coming in from the MHL buoy off Sydney tell the story. Average period isĀ  sitting on 7 seconds and the average height is about a metre from the east.

We’re due for stiff NE’ly conditions (15-20 kts, pushing up to 20-25 kts) ahead of a south change in the 20-25 kt range tonight.

This may add a little to the height of the swell at sea, but from the look of the buoys to the south of us, there’s no immediate sign of an improvement to the power setting.

I can’t see anything on the forecasts to give me great hope for the next 72-96 hours where the Sydney region and indeed, most of the NSW coast, is concerned. In fact, it generally looks smallish all around SE Australia (west coasts of NZ are a very different story!), but if the models are accurate, at around the 72 hr mark, we should see some obvious energy increase from Cactus around to western Vic. But not for Sydney or the NSW coast…

It’s a fascinating looking picture from then on, as the models are showing the possibility of very interesting developments in the Coral Sea toward the early part of next week. There was a report a few days ago about us having a more active cyclone season this year, so who knows…

Have yourself a great day and go well with all your plans!

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