Nov 15 2007

Grey and breezy start

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Hello Friends,

I was a little surprised to see waist high lumps scudding weakly into Dee Why beach this morning. Quality is right near the bottom of the scale thanks to the short period and the steady southerly wind, but it’s not absolutely flat. Swell direction has gone around to the south with the change and the size at sea has bumped up into the 1.5 metre range.

Average period is stumbling along at just above the 6 second mark in our region. It’s managing closer to 8 seconds down the coast toward Batemans Bay and from Coffs, north. With luck, that should mean a slight increase in energy levels today for the Sydney region.

The forecast calls for this morning’s cloudiness to lift and for the day to heat up to 27.


On current form, it looks as though this slight uptick is about all we can look forward to for the next week. The models that were looking interesting yesterday, are looking less so. TC Guba has kicked off the cyclone season early, but the Bureau shows it bumbling around, annoying the far SE coast of PNG and not showing the slightest prospect of wandering into our swell window.

The long range models are showing a pretty big area of fetch potentially forming up to the north and east of NZ late in the week. They show the swell region spreading toward the far north coast of NSW and the Queensland surf zones. At the same time there’s a broad area of swell energy from Cactus to SW Tas showing up as well. But the Sydney region? Not looking the best at this stage I’d have to say…

Ah well, it’ll come good again soon, you just wait and see!

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