Nov 16 2007

Grey start, again

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Hello Friends,

Thick atmosphere this morning along the beaches of Sydney.  Like yesterday, it’s set to burn off as the day goes along. Surf situation is pretty ordinary sadly. Dee Why is showing a tiny, weak looking little line, but no one who got near it with a board (as of 0730) seems to have been interested enough to get in the water.


Size out at sea is  7 seconds on average and the height is only about a metre from the SE. So, if there’s anything, it should be showing at Dee Why.  Methinks the latter is pretty indicative of not only the Sydney region, but most of the NSW coast.

Looking as far ahead as possible on the models, it seems as though there is some possibility for things to get interesting around this time next week. For the last couple days they’ve been showing a broad area of easterly fetch across the top of NZ. It’s shown as fanning out toward the far north coast and Queensland surf zones, but we may not see much down in the Sydney region until early next week. However, this is all so absurdly far away, that I wouldn’t be booking tickets on it just yet.

Note of minor interest to northern beaches folk who noticed the big ship off Northy yesterday afternoon. I had a quick look for it on the net and it turns out to be a deep sea cable maintenance vessel. Built in Poland, the thing used to be a roll on- roll off ferry but now is kitted out with all the equipment needed for looking after the undersea cable responsible for making possible a goodly proportion of your web browsing.

Go well, one and all!

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