Nov 18 2007

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Hello Friends,

What a beautiful morning in Sydney.  We’re going to a high of around 26 on the coast and the light winds this morning, will settle into a standard summery 15-20 kts out of the NE. The windswell is very weak and very small unfortunately. The MHL buoy is currently showing the main component coming out of the NE at a metre on average at only around 6 seconds apart. If you’re desperate, you might be able to jag something on a mal or a fish at places open to the swell – such as it is.

I’ve been gazing at the models, hoping to spot something of interest for my fellow Sydneysiders, but alas, all I can see for the next week are weak prospects. To the extent there’s much of anything going on, it’s out in the SW of our continent. Pretty much every where east of the SW WA surf zones is looking marginal to flat. For the next three days or so. The east coast generally looks marginal for as far ahead as the models look.

Oh well… It’s always changing, so all we have to do is wait, Huey will get back to us sooner or later…

H ave yourself a top old day!

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