Nov 21 2007

Wind on the way

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 out for a standup paddle at DY

Hello Friends,

Another very small to flat day for Sydney. Not that we’re alone on this. It looks as though conditions are much the same along much of the east coast today. Dee Why is indicative of the general problem. It’s very small – unsurfably so, I’d say – and the first hint of a breeze was chopping up the surface at 0700.

The Bureau says the Sydney region should see the NE’r kicking up into the 18-23 kts range this morning, and by dusk the call is 25-30 kts. In theory this should ramp up a little short period NE windswell for the late (with heaps of wind of course).

The wind is set to blow all night and still be blasting along tomorrow morning ahead of a late afternoon south change of similar strength.

Longer term outlook is  not particularly interesting for our region, but as you go north along the east coast, the swell forecast has certain intriguing characteristics… basically, it appears that from about Friday onward, there should be a steady supply of fun size east swell for you lucky kids living in that beautiful part of the world.

If you don’t mind brisk water conditions, west facing surfzones in Vic and SA look promising in a pretty serious way over the next 48-72 hours – at least.

Go well with your day!

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