Nov 22 2007

Little bit of energy showing

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Hello Friends,

We have a  small uptick in the swell energy evident at Dee Why and I daresay, elsewhere in the Sydney region. I wouldn’t be making too much of it, but at least there’s something catchable rolling softly in. Size seems to be around the knee to waist high mark, so something with a little volume is probably required to make the most of it.

The average period is around the 7 second mark in our part of the world. It’s  much the same along the rest of the east coast. Primary direction is east and the wind is currently lightly out of the south west. The Bureau says it’s going to swing to the SE and push up into the 20-30 kt range.  There’s a strong wind warning between Ulladulla and Broken Bay and a gale warning for south of Ulladulla.

All that wind should result in a further increase in the swell size over the next day or so. I’d be keeping an eye on those southern buoys though, because as I write this, they’re not showing much of anything on the build.

The forecast models are showing short period south swell peaking tomorrow, but after that… well, I might keep my counsel to see what the Goat says…

Apropos nothing in particular, Shari and I had a go with a couple of standup paddleboards yesterday under the tutelage of GSI founder Mark Kelly. I can now see why it’s such a good workout and can understand how you could really get into it.

And then yesterday evening I had the mind expanding privilege  of listening to a talk by Dr Ian Lowe at the State Library (what a magnificent institution that is just by the way). He focused on the kind of future we’re currently sloping toward (profligate destruction of the ecosystem and atmosphere upon which we utterly and completely depend) and the kind of future that we could be working toward. Inspiring and sobering at once. The man is a treasure.

Here’s a link to Ian’s Bio, which in turn has links to some of his talks

Have yourself a great Thursday!


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