Nov 23 2007

Grey skies, SW winds & election over the horizon

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Hello Friends,

20-30 kts of SW wind at the more exposed places this morning, but not much happening on the surf front sad to say. Again, it’s not totally flat, but at Dee Why where the wind is relatively light and coming from a benign direction, the size is only around the waist high mark. There were a few keen bods in just up the beach from the SLSC getting some exercise and no doubt having a few laughs along the way. As you do!

The MHL buoy for Sydney is showing  2  metres of 7sec south windswell. Down at Batemans Bay the data is much the same, so I reckon that means what we have now in Sydney will probably be maintained through the day.

The Bureau says there may be some light showers or drizzle this morning and that it’ll stay cloudy all day.

As many of our loyal readers will know, I’m a politics junky. So, on the eve of an election, I hope you’ll cut me some slack as I do a little editorialising!

To me, democracy is an extraordinary and hard fought for privilege bestowed upon and entrusted to us by the generations who preceded our arrival on this little old orb. But I think much of popular culture encourages indifference and even low level hostility toward the mechanisms of democracy. However, I reckon it’s the best form of governance we’ve yet worked out, and I’ll always be grateful for all those generations before mine who worked so hard and who died to protect it. I’m really looking forward to standing in that booth tomorrow. making my little ticks on a bit of paper.

Many of you will be aware of the online ginger group called Get Up. They’re a real phenomenon in their own right and are doing some quite fascinating (to me!) stuff with online tools. One that I can recommend to all of you, is their site. You enter your postcode, respond to a dozen attitude questions and the system suggests the candidates that are closest to your views. I tried it as both conservative and not very conservative imaginary voters and it worked well. This is especially useful if you haven’t really kept up to date on the folks running in your local area, but would really like to support someone with views close to your own.

Go well with your day!

dee why around 0730

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