Nov 24 2007

Wet and drippy but some little fun ones

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Hello Friends,

Saturday started out misty and calm along Sydney’s beaches. But more importantly, it started out with a few waves as well. Best sets are up to shoulder high at those spots that like the primary south swell direction. Average height at sea is around the 2 metre mark and the average period is 7 seconds.

Quality is unlikely to be fabulous (the period is just too short), but at least there is the prospect of a little something at those south facing stretches. Figure waist high, with the odd bigger one when set waves double up. But thanks to that short period, they’ll often be relatively weak and gutless, so you’re going to have fun with your most buoyant equipment.

Wind is set to be out of the SW this morning at around the 10-15kt mark before tending around to the ENE this afternoon.

General outlook is for the swell energy to fade slowly today and into tomorrow. Nothing too exciting looking for the next few days in our region.  So get out and do your civic duty at the polls, then dive in for a quick one at your fave south spot.

Go well!

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