Nov 25 2007

Small to almost flat

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Hello Friends,

Interesting developments overnight eh? So, now Australia will ratify Kyoto. Hooray! Huey isn’t showing much excitement post election though. There are some small waves about at Dee Why, but they’re struggling to get into the waist high range. As usual, the Goat called it spot on.

To put some numbers on it, the average size of windswell off the coast of NSW is around the metre mark. Here in Sydney, the direction is basically east and, like the rest of the coast, the average period is around the 8 sec mark. I reckon if you find a beach well tuned for this combination, you might see the occasional bomb set into the chest high range. But for the most part, it is, as just noted, only around knee to waist high.

I’m not too excited about the surf prospect for the coming week at the moment. The models are varying a little, but the general agreement is that we’re unlikely to see much of significance along the east coast for another week.

Ah well.

So it goes. Huey will be back…


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