Nov 27 2007

Rain arrives at 0700

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Hello Friends,

You know it’s pretty ordinary when you find yourself idly browsing swell forecast models around the world. For what it’s worth, the places to be toward the end of the week look like being in the northern hemisphere. The North Shore should get a walloping this coming weekend, and surfers from Ireland to Morocco will be waxing up the rhino chasers as well. Friday could be interesting for Nor Cal surfers as well.

Yes, all very interesting Don. Stop putting it off…

The situation at Dee Why is, not to put too fine a point on it, dire. The MHL buoy is showing a metre of 8 second SSE windswell flopping weakly into our region. Not much more than that up and down the entire east coast actually. And from the look of the aforementioned models, the current arrangements are not expected to change much over the next week. There is some prospect of small 10-11 sec period east swell toward the weekend. The best size is currently predicted to be roughly north from Brisbane, but with luck we’ll see something in the way of a slight improvement down here in Sydney…

Go well with your day!

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