Nov 28 2007

It’s another little day in paradise

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Hello Friends,

The forecast was for the possibility of a few showers in the Sydney region, but it doesn’t look likely now. Warm and humid with just a faint breeze. The cicadas are loving it.

Surf situation is similar to yesterday as far as my little stretch of Sydney’s northern beaches are concerned. There are some tiny little things trickling in at spots with good exposure to the mainly south windswell. But size is really only up to about waist high most places. There might be the odd chest high bomb if you’re lucky, but it’s really more a morning for swimming, beachcombing, fishing, sauntering… you get the picture.

From the look of things, we’re pretty unlikely to see much of a change to conditions in the Sydney region for the next 4 days, but then things may possibly shift a bit toward surfin’ Nothing I’m too excited about right now, but a couple of the long range models seem to be showing some interesting developments just off the coast of SE Queensland that could see a little low pop up with consequent positive implications in the east swell department. If one of the models is correct, next Monday-Tuesday should be mighty fine on the Goldie with a nice east swell, south wind combo. Whether or not that system pushes down to wave starved Sydney is up to Huey, but I like the sounds emanating from his Tuesday next week wave department.

Get out there if ya can, and breathe deep, you’re on this planet for another day. Go well with it.gf_28nov07dybq2.jpg

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