Nov 29 2007

Some little ones on offer

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Hello Friends,

Coming off the high tide this morning, there were some intersting looking little things coming in along the stretch of beach north from Dee Why SLSC. There was even an almost-rideable set at the point when I was eyeballing the situation around 0645. As you can see from the pic I posted, the faces on the bigger sets are into the chest high range.

The windswell is coming mainly from the east at about 8 seconds and is averaging around a metre according to MHL’s Sydney buoy. The only significant change from yesterday is the direction – otherwise Huey seems to have left all the settings untouched for this morning’s offering.

According to the Bureau, we’re due to have 10-15 kts of ESE wind today. Not the best for surface conditions, but what can ya do? They’re saying it’ll go along this way through Saturday. So, as usual, the earlier you get to the beach, the better the surface conditions.

Good to see a little low off Queensland in the Bureau’s synoptic for Sunday. With luck that’ll help push up the energy levels a touch. Obviously it’ll be more useful for those of you up along the far north NSW and SE Qld coastline. I’ll be interested to see what the Goat makes of it all…

Have yourself a top old day!

Look! A little wave at Dee Why this morning.

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