Nov 30 2007

On we go with flatness

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Hello Friends,

Looks like a mild Friday for those of us lucky enough to live in Sydney. Out on the coast we’re supposed to get to around 22, while folk inland are looking at an equally pleasant 23. As I begin writing this around 0730, the wind is light and there are big swathes of blue sky. But the surf… you wanted surf? Well, if we look at Huey’s scribbles on the MHL Sydney buoy, we see an average period of just 7 seconds and an average height of just a touch under a metre. The bulk of the energy – such as it is – is coming from SE.

The call is for the wind to wander around between the south and the east at about 10-15 kts.

I’d say the Goat’s call for the day is still holding. Not a lot on offer basically for the east coast.

I’ll take a look at the longer range trends tomorrow, but right now it looks to me as though our best hope is for a small east pulse filling in tomorrow. I’m cautious though, because there’s not a hint of it on the MHL buoy data at the moment.

Have yourself a top old Friday and go well with your endeavors!

puny at Dee Why

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