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Nov 20 2007

Breezy morning

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Hello Friends,

A little more activity evident at Dee Why this morning, but I didn’t see anyone in the water. Very messy with the  10-15 kts of NE wind already into it though. The MHL buoy is showing average size at just under 2 metres from the ENE. But the key quality indicator shows the average period is a weak 6 seconds.

The Bureau’s call is for the NE to kick on up into the 20-25 kt range this afternoon. That should mean that there could be some surfable size wind waves at spots that like a bit of NE windswell and can put up with sideshores. I’m looking at you Curly and Northy!

Outlook is for these NE conditions to stick around  until a south change comes through the place around Thursday. Once that happens, the models suggest we Sydneysiders might have some reasonable size south windswell right through the close of polls on Saturday.  The Bureau is calling for S-SW winds of 25-33 kts on Friday, so it’ll be a matter of choosing your semi-protected corners.

Have yourself a top old day and keep smilin’!

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Nov 19 2007

Oi, Huey! Wake up mate!

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Hello Friends,

Did you find a wave yesterday? Go back there then because it looks like we’re just re-winding the conditions of the last few days, ie really, really, really small.

We have a 5 sec, 1 metre NNE windswell dribbling in to Sydney this morning. Indeed, it appears to be exactly the same from Eden to D’bah and beyond.

The models continue to agree that we’re in for tiny, short period conditions until late in the week, when a 20-30 kt south change is set to push through the Sydney region. As we get into the weekend, the swell forecast starts to look a bit more interesting as a possible small east swell starts to fill in to the  central NSW coast.

Here’s hoping – and may your day go brilliantly!

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Nov 18 2007

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Hello Friends,

What a beautiful morning in Sydney.  We’re going to a high of around 26 on the coast and the light winds this morning, will settle into a standard summery 15-20 kts out of the NE. The windswell is very weak and very small unfortunately. The MHL buoy is currently showing the main component coming out of the NE at a metre on average at only around 6 seconds apart. If you’re desperate, you might be able to jag something on a mal or a fish at places open to the swell – such as it is.

I’ve been gazing at the models, hoping to spot something of interest for my fellow Sydneysiders, but alas, all I can see for the next week are weak prospects. To the extent there’s much of anything going on, it’s out in the SW of our continent. Pretty much every where east of the SW WA surf zones is looking marginal to flat. For the next three days or so. The east coast generally looks marginal for as far ahead as the models look.

Oh well… It’s always changing, so all we have to do is wait, Huey will get back to us sooner or later…

H ave yourself a top old day!

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Nov 17 2007

Grey and weak looking again…

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Hello Friends,

Saturday started out murkily in Sydney. Grey skies, near calm winds, and, it has to be said right up front, near calm seas.

Overnight, Huey’s decided to flip the switch to “off”. Yesterday’s aneamic 8 sec SE windswell, has been reduced to a barely flickering 6 sec period NE windswell. There was a chap on a stand up paddle board catching a few ankle to knee high set waves at Dee Why this morning, so there should be something similar at those beaches with better exposure to the NE.

I’m with the Goat in that I cannot see any reason to think we’ll have an improvement upon these very tiny NE conditions for the next couple days. Indeed, if the models are to be believed, we’re looking at tiny, short period conditions in the Sydney region into next weekend.

However… the very long range models are still showing some interesting developments spinning up above NZ. One of these models is showing an intense and broad area of generally east-flowing swell. If it pans out, there could be some serious size toward the middle of next week up along the Queensland surf zones and perhaps down as far as the Hunter. I’m a bit wary about hoping for something in the Sydney reigon, but given the size of the fetch field showing on those charts, it certainly isn’t beyond the realms of possibility that we too could be seeing some interesting. Good to have something to hope for…

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Nov 16 2007

Grey start, again

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Hello Friends,

Thick atmosphere this morning along the beaches of Sydney.  Like yesterday, it’s set to burn off as the day goes along. Surf situation is pretty ordinary sadly. Dee Why is showing a tiny, weak looking little line, but no one who got near it with a board (as of 0730) seems to have been interested enough to get in the water.


Size out at sea is  7 seconds on average and the height is only about a metre from the SE. So, if there’s anything, it should be showing at Dee Why.  Methinks the latter is pretty indicative of not only the Sydney region, but most of the NSW coast.

Looking as far ahead as possible on the models, it seems as though there is some possibility for things to get interesting around this time next week. For the last couple days they’ve been showing a broad area of easterly fetch across the top of NZ. It’s shown as fanning out toward the far north coast and Queensland surf zones, but we may not see much down in the Sydney region until early next week. However, this is all so absurdly far away, that I wouldn’t be booking tickets on it just yet.

Note of minor interest to northern beaches folk who noticed the big ship off Northy yesterday afternoon. I had a quick look for it on the net and it turns out to be a deep sea cable maintenance vessel. Built in Poland, the thing used to be a roll on- roll off ferry but now is kitted out with all the equipment needed for looking after the undersea cable responsible for making possible a goodly proportion of your web browsing.

Go well, one and all!

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Nov 15 2007

Grey and breezy start

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Hello Friends,

I was a little surprised to see waist high lumps scudding weakly into Dee Why beach this morning. Quality is right near the bottom of the scale thanks to the short period and the steady southerly wind, but it’s not absolutely flat. Swell direction has gone around to the south with the change and the size at sea has bumped up into the 1.5 metre range.

Average period is stumbling along at just above the 6 second mark in our region. It’s managing closer to 8 seconds down the coast toward Batemans Bay and from Coffs, north. With luck, that should mean a slight increase in energy levels today for the Sydney region.

The forecast calls for this morning’s cloudiness to lift and for the day to heat up to 27.


On current form, it looks as though this slight uptick is about all we can look forward to for the next week. The models that were looking interesting yesterday, are looking less so. TC Guba has kicked off the cyclone season early, but the Bureau shows it bumbling around, annoying the far SE coast of PNG and not showing the slightest prospect of wandering into our swell window.

The long range models are showing a pretty big area of fetch potentially forming up to the north and east of NZ late in the week. They show the swell region spreading toward the far north coast of NSW and the Queensland surf zones. At the same time there’s a broad area of swell energy from Cactus to SW Tas showing up as well. But the Sydney region? Not looking the best at this stage I’d have to say…

Ah well, it’ll come good again soon, you just wait and see!

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Nov 14 2007

Dreaming of future days

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Hello Friends,

Looks like another morning for Sydney surfers to get off to work or school without a backward glance at the beach. It’s so small at Dee Why, that I find it hard to imagine anywhere within a couple hundred k’s will be significantly more surfable. I think you _might_ be able to get a short glide on a knee high crumbler if you can deploy something very long and buoyant.


The numbers coming in from the MHL buoy off Sydney tell the story. Average period is  sitting on 7 seconds and the average height is about a metre from the east.

We’re due for stiff NE’ly conditions (15-20 kts, pushing up to 20-25 kts) ahead of a south change in the 20-25 kt range tonight.

This may add a little to the height of the swell at sea, but from the look of the buoys to the south of us, there’s no immediate sign of an improvement to the power setting.

I can’t see anything on the forecasts to give me great hope for the next 72-96 hours where the Sydney region and indeed, most of the NSW coast, is concerned. In fact, it generally looks smallish all around SE Australia (west coasts of NZ are a very different story!), but if the models are accurate, at around the 72 hr mark, we should see some obvious energy increase from Cactus around to western Vic. But not for Sydney or the NSW coast…

It’s a fascinating looking picture from then on, as the models are showing the possibility of very interesting developments in the Coral Sea toward the early part of next week. There was a report a few days ago about us having a more active cyclone season this year, so who knows…

Have yourself a great day and go well with all your plans!

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Nov 10 2007

Saturday looks small but rideable

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Hello Friends,

The very short version: get out there.

The longer version: we still have some little glassy waves at beaches with a fondness for east swell (ie, most places in Sydney) . Size is generally in the waist high range at the bigger spots, but there should be a few shoulder high sets in the mix too. Average size at sea is in the two metre range (pretty much the way it’s been since Monday) and the period is around the 8 second mark all up and down the NSW coast. So, not a lot of juice, but when you get one of those double-up sets, it can get interesting.

Bureau’s call is for light and variable winds this morning in Sydney. By this afternoon, as the last of the showers have cleared away, it’ll be 10-15 kts from the east – hence the advice to get in early.

Looking ahead, I’d say we’ll have something again tomorrow, but after that it looks as though we’re in for a week (at least) of small to flat conditions for the east coast.

Go well with your day! 10nov07dyb.jpg

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Nov 09 2007

Rainy… again… and blerghy too.

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Hello Friends,

Only a couple more rainy mornings to go apparently. Wind is out of the E and SE along Sydney’s coastline this morning. It’s a chop-inducing 15-20 kts and the Bureau says it’ll maintain at these levels all day. The gap between waves is getting shorter and it’s now  averaging 7 seconds from Eden up to Crowdy Head. North from there to the border it’s a touch better at 8-9 sec. Swell and seas are averaging a couple metres off Sydney with some peaks closer to the 3 metre mark.  That’s pretty much the same from Eden to the far north coast.

Messy, onshore, small, rain. Yum!

You’ll need to set the keeness lever to full power for these conditions.

Looks like it’ll stay this way all day too.

Why is it that when there’s a surf movie on at your local, it’s guaranteed to be junk at the beach next day when you’re all stoked?  Tim Bonython’s Australian Surf Movie Festival is working its way up the northern beaches this weekend. Tim told me yesterday that he’s getting close to sold out, so I’d do the pre-booking thing at his website ( instead of just fronting on the offchance. Check back this afternoon, ’cause I’ll give away some tickets for tonight’s show (to be held at that art deco landmark, the Collaroy Cinema).

Have yourself a top old day!

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Nov 08 2007

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Hello Friends,

How good is PB? Up at the crack of weirdness to scan the northern beaches for all of us – and on his birthday no less! I can confirm the accuracy of his early morning observations, having just now returned from a look at the Dee Why to Longy stretch.

Swell has dropped back another notch from yesterday and is now averaging around 2 metres at a touch under 8 seconds from the ESE. I didn’t see anyone in the water, but it looked to me as though you’d want to be very, very keen. Sets are struggling to get much above waist high along the Dee Why-Longy stretch. There are probably a few rogue bigger ones… maybe…

The Bureau says were in for showers all day and the wind is set to be a surf-hostile SE-E 15-20 kts.

All and all I’d say it’s a good day for your life outside surfing!

Go well, one and all!


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