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Dec 31 2007

It’s here…

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 Pretty substanital looking sets at north Collaroy

Hello Friends,

Swell from the low up north has reached Sydney in force. There’s plenty of size, but it’s not too clean and despite the  11 sec period, it seems rather fat. The MHL buoy is showing the primary swell direction as east by east nor east. Size at sea is averaging around three metres, but I’d expect that to increase at least a bit more because it’s close to 5 metres from Coffs north.

I didn’t see anyone in the water from Northy to Collaroy and there was maybe one person at Dee Why point when I checked. The only place I saw people in the water was south of Longy bombies.

Could be a day for watching at most places.

The outlook is for the swell to continue all week, so here’s hoping it begins to clean up a bit for us.

Wind today will be out of the NE at 15-20 kts or so by afternoon.

Go well!

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Dec 30 2007

First hint of swell visible

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Hello Friends,

The first hint of an improvement to surf prospects for the Sydney region is now visible along north east facing stretches.

The biggest stuff I saw at around 0930 were some chest high things at north Collaroy. I’d guess that it’d be as big up the Narrabeen end. About an hour later, I checked Dee Why beach and while you can see the little line out of the ene, size is in the near-pathetic range (ie about waist high on the better ones).

Wind is definitely a factor. The Bureau says we’re in for a standard issue summer day (ie, 15-20 kts of NE’r in the afternoon), but they’re also agreeing with the wave forecast models and are calling for an increase in average wave size.

Right now we’ve got a 1-2 metres at 7-9 seconds offshore from Sydney. The buoy is showing the main swell direction as being ENE. Meanwhile, up the coast, things are considerably bigger. They’ve shut the beaches along the Goldie and in the surf zones north from there. Winds are howling at gale force up that way, so your best options will clearly be the well protected ones. I’d be guessing you won’t be getting too many waves to yourself at Noosa and similar.

Outlook for the week ahead remains very good. The models are showing a continuous supply of solid east swell from well south of Sydney to the northernmost of Australia’s east coast surf zones. If the forecasts are correct, there should be waves for around a week! Definitely one of the best looking forecasts I’ve seen since winter.

Have yourself a very good one!

Dee Why still small and weak

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Dec 29 2007

Still flat, but for how much longer?

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Hello Friends,

Not happening in Sydney or pretty much anywhere south of about Ballina, but everything is pointing toward solid energy heading our way from late Sunday night.

Saturday doesn’t look like being of much interest to surfers in the Sydney region and I reckon there’s only a slight chance of it being much better tomorrow at this time. About the biggest thing I saw was a knee high set at north Collaroy. The Dee Why to Longy stretch was just about perfectly flat.

Today’s marine forecast is calling for light N-NE winds in the morning, increasing to 18-23 kts this afternoon. Put the time in with family and friends because you may be somewhat distracted from about Monday onward.

The swell models are looking very interesting from late Sunday through to the end of the week. Sydney doesn’t look as though it’ll be getting the best of the size, but if the forecasts play out as the models predict, I don’t think there will be too many complaints.  The computer forecasts are calling for a week of 6 metre 11 sec east to ese swell for the far north coast, while they’re currently calling for only 2-3 down here in Sydney. But you folk along those northern stretches will be looking for options out of the strong SE’r, while we’re apparently set for generally light winds down here in Sydney.

This is one of the best looking forecasts I’ve seen since winter.

Go well, one and all!

Pretty quiet looking at South Narrabeen

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Dec 27 2007

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Hello Friends,

Pretty small along the northern beaches this morning. A few people in the water at Northy and one or two at Dee Why when I checked around 0600-0630. Maximum size might be waist high, but mostly it’s smaller than that. Pretty gutless as well because the waves are only 5-6 seconds apart. Plus, we have a big high tide filling in at around 1030… so, not what you’d call great surf prospects.

And the general outlook is for more of the same across the tomorrow and Saturday… but then things start getting very interesting – if the models are to be believed.

From late Friday there should be obvious signs of the increasing swell along the far north coast. Come Saturday morning things could be more than a little interesting along the Goldie as a E-ENE swell starts filling in as the wind goes around pretty hard to the SSE. By Sunday the Goldie could be well and truly maxed out with at least one of the models calling for upwards of 6 metres of 12 sec period east swell.

24-36 hours later it should begin to be pretty obvious along the coast as far south as Sydney. The models don’t show us getting into the size range of the far north coast, but they are indicating solid 11-12 sec 2-3 metre stuff from mid afternoon Sunday. This should build a touch more into Monday and on current reckoning, last right through Wednesday. Unlike the far north, our wind forecast is currently for lighter, but mainly onshore conditions across Sun-Tue…

All good!

Go well with your day! south narra crew

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Dec 26 2007

Boxing Day not out of the box

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Hello Friends,

The gloomy conditions of Christmas day in Sydney have given way to increasingly blue skies this morning. Not much wind about for the early risers either (it’ll go 10-15kts NE this arvo). But there the good news pretty much ends for surfin’ folk in Sydney and hereabouts.

There is a small SSE swell, but at only 1.5 metres and around 8 seconds apart, it is producing only the most marginal surf outcomes at beaches facing into the primary direction. The biggest wave I saw between DY and North Narrabeen was a solitary set that might have been chest high for an instant before it shutdown at a non-descript bank somewhere north of DYSLSC. The Long Reef end of the beach where one might hope for the occasional wave, showed nothing of interest during the time I watched. I suppose there could be the odd waist high set, but it’d be a bonus. Around the corner along the Collaroy-Narrabeen stretch, things were/are no more inspiring. One person was sitting hopefully just off the beach at about the Marquesas while half a dozen stalwarts were flying the flag of optimism up at Northy.

I reckon if you catch a waist high wave at a south facing stretch of beach in NSW today, you’re doing well.

The outlook for tomorrow and Friday is no brighter. Indeed, on current reckoning the models are showing near flat conditions into Saturday. But from Sunday on… things start looking very interesting indeed.

For the last few days now, the models have been showing a low pressure system forming up off the SE coast of Queensland and then gradually moving toward the coast. The call is currently for the swell to go east and start building in size and period from early Saturday on the far north coast and in SE Queensland. It could get pretty big too. At least one of the models is showing 4-5 metres of 11 sec ESE swell (with blasting southerlies) by late Sunday. At around that time, we should be getting some forerunner ENE swell into the Sydney region. Peak day for us currently looks to be Monday when (according to one model anyway) we should be seeing 3 metres or so of 11 sec E swell and lightish SE wind.

With luck, we’ll have  juicy conditions right through to New Year’s Day.

We shall see!

Go well with your day and get up to some good where you can.


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Dec 25 2007

Grey for Christmas, but that’s okay!

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Hello Friends

Taking a break from all the Christmas activities around our joint to say a quick hi and Happy Christmas to one and all. Not much happening on the wave front in Sydney today, nor, judging from Shari’s Tathra report and Dan’s Byron Bay call, is there much of anything going on along the east coast. So, no need to slip away from the festivities!

Interesting outlook for the weekend along the east coast. Models continue to show development of a low pressure system just off SE Qld toward the end of the week. At least one of the models is calling for  10sec period ENE swell starting to make itself felt around Sunday morning in the Sydney region. It looks set to build steadily into Monday and I’d be very surprised if it wasn’t still going pretty well come Tuesday. All good.

Okay, that’s all from me. Go well, one and all.


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Dec 24 2007

Not great… sad to say…

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Hello Friends,

Schedule a bit deranged this week, so apologies for tardiness. Sadly, today’s delay had nothing to do with being in the water. If you were just going by the numbers, you’d have to say the settings are at “marginal”. There’s about a metre of south windswell, but it’s only 8 seconds apart, so the amount of energy on hand is fairly minimal. South exposed places might pick up something into the waist high range, but judging from the Dee Why stretch, the average heights will be closer to half that.

Winds are light ESE right now, but due to wander around to the NE later ahead of a south change. Said change is likely to arrive this evening in Sydney and when it does, the wind will  bump up to 20-25 kts. It’ll stay around that velocity overnight, according to the Bureau, but will moderate into the 10-15 kt range during Christmas day. Weather will be dull and cloudy with the odd shower in the mix.

Unfortunately, while the change will bring an increase in windswell energy, it doesn’t look like being much. Remember lunchtime yesterday? Well, it’s probably going to be along those lines Christmas day.

It then looks as though we’ll be into a few days of minor conditions until late in the weekend when things could start getting very interesting up north. The long range models are pointing to the potential for 10sec+ NE swell developing by around Sunday in Sydney and perhaps a day or so earlier up north. Could be very interesting early next week…

Go well and take care!


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Dec 23 2007

Sunny Sunday, small surf

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Hello Friends,

Wandering into the control room very late today, sorry!

Situation report is as follows. : at midnight the MHL buoy off Sydney recorded a sudden swing from the NE to the south. At the same time, the average period notched down another second or two to about 6 seconds. Average size at sea is around a metre, but on the beache at Dee Why it’d be struggling to reach waist high. Great day for the kiddies to go for a paddle. But I don’t think the surf equipment will be of much use.

From the look of the other buoy data up and down the NSW coast, there doesn’t seem to be much in prospect, although there has been a little uptick down Port Kembla way… so who knows, maybe there’s a hope of a little improvement to swell size later today…

The Bureau is calling for the wind to go from the SW around to the SE as the day goes along. According to at least one of the swell models, tomrrow will be a bit small, but there might be something into the surfable range around lunchtime on Christmas day in Sydney. Basically it’s looking like a south swell, light south wind combo.

Get up to some good, take it easy and have fun!


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Dec 22 2007

Could be something later…

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Hello Friends,

Blustery morning for Saturday in Sydney. Prospect of a shower or two, but the big factor is the wind. Depending on where you’re standing it’s anywhere from 10 to 30 kts from the N to NE as I write this. The Bureau has hoisted the gale warning and is saying that wind could push up to 40kts on the peak gusts ahead of the a WSW change this afternoon.

The MHL buoy shows the swell to have kicked up into the 3metre range. It’ s averaging around 8 sec apart and is coming from the NE. That should mean a bit of juice at spots that like NE but that have a little protection. More options for surfers on the northern beaches than those of you reading this at say, Bondi. The usual suspects line up over this side of the harbour (Nth Palmy, Whaley, Nth Av, Bungan, Mona, Northy, Nth Curly, and possibly Queensie).

Dee Why has something, but no one was in when I checked, so hard to say what it’d be like. Not great I’d think with the wind and tide combo.

Speaking of the tide, this morning is likely to be fat and full until toward 1030 or so. No need to rush. Of course we’ll all be on it if the wind change this afternoon opens a perfect window NE windswell and SW wind… so be patient and Huey will give you a share.

Looking ahead, I reckon we could possibly have a little activity for Christmas day…

Go well!

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Dec 20 2007

dropping, but not quite inert…

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Hello Friends,

Surf activity has tailed off overnight in Sydney. According to the MHL buoy bobbing off our fair shores, the average period has dropped from around 9 seconds at this time yesterday, to around 7 seconds. At the same time, average height of swell at sea has gone from about 2 metres to something closer to 1 metre. Primary direction has gone from SE to close to NE.


Down Dee Why way, those settings were translating into the odd waist high set along the beachy and nothing much at the point.

The Bureau says we’ll see NE winds building through the day, eventually getting up to 25-33 kts at exposed locations. That ought to push up the windswell at least a little bit. We’re set for a repeat of these arrangements in Sydney tomorrow, so there could be some little junky ones in the morning and bigger junky ones in the afternoon.

Typical early summer menu from chef Huey.

Have yourself a top old day!

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