Dec 02 2007

Sunshine + little waves

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Hello Friends,

The Bureau nailed it. A beautiful morning in Sydney and there are tiny little waves trickling in from the SSE. The average period is only 8 seconds and the swell at sea is just a metre, but the MHL buoy is showing some 12 sec peak period component in the mix, so that should mean that every now and then you get the odd bigger set. Dee Why is pretty mobbed, as you’d expect, and it’s mostly in the knee to waist high range.

Me, I’m off to participate in the Human Sign at North Steyne starting around 0930 this morning. We’re going to be spelling out Life Saving Energy to promote the use of sustainable energy, the life saving movement and all kinda good stuff. Should be a hoot. I’ll take a camera as usual and post any shots of interest later.

Have yourself a good one and go well with your Sunday, wherever you may be.


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