Dec 03 2007

Marginal again, but not flat

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Hello Friends,

There were a few waves around yesterday, particularly around noon, but it looks as though the fade that happened Sunday afternoon, has continued over night. The average height at sea is still only a metre, and the primary direction is still out of the SSE, but the average period which briefly reached 8 seconds on Sunday, is back to a choppy 6 seconds. The only saving grace is that there is still some 11 sec stuff in the mix. This was showing at Manly yesterday in the form of shoulder high sets every 10-15 mins. With luck, it’ll still be turning up every now and again this morning before the incoming tide swamps it. Dee Why beach is showing a few waist high sets at the moment, so there could be a bit more activity at beaches with better exposure to that long period component.

The outlook for the next few days along the east coast is for more of these marginal to near flat conditions. You’ve pretty much got to go around the corner and all the way over to western shores of Vic (and beyond) to see anything much of interest on the long range forecasts. Summer. What can ya do?

Meanwhile, I’m really wishing I could be over in my old homeland of southern California for what looks like some amazing conditions midweek.  How does 10-15 ft west swell at 14 sec grab ya? Ought to be spectacular at all those classic points and reefs in Santa Barbara county… whimper. Mavericks and the other big wave spots could be very seriously big if the forecast comes to pass.

Whatever part of the world you find yourself in today, here’s best wishes for lots of great waves in whatever form they may take!

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