Dec 05 2007

Again with grey skies and flatness

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Hello Friends,

Reminds me of July in Santa Barbara – grey skies, dribbly wind and even dribble-ier windswell flopping weakly over on the beach.

Size up and down the east coast is averaging around a metre out at sea, and worse, periods are only 6-7 seconds on average. Here in Sydney, the primary direction isĀ  from the south, but given the size and power settings, it hardly matters.

But whilst it does not look like any hope of an improvement today for Sydney surfers, the swell models are still showing a boost into the fun size range for the weekend. They’re calling for a couple metres of 10 sec ESE swell. The Bureau says the wind will be out of the S-SE at 15-20 kts with a chance of showers, so it could be kind of messy and gloomy on the day. Right now the pulse looks like lasting into Sunday. Not sure if the Goat will be back from his northern sojourn, but with luck he’ll give us his call tomorrow or Friday.

I was getting a bit hopeful about the middle of next week for the east coast. The models are showing a broad area of fetch NE of New Zealand on its way toward us. But looking at the period forecast for the same region, I’ve lost my enthusiasm. Looks like pretty short period stuff right now, so it’ll probably fade out long before making a difference to us.

Speaking of period, as I write this it’s just after lunch in San Francisco and I bet there’d be a few bods in the water at Fort Point (the wave that breaks around the base of the Golden Gate bridge south pylon). Size at the SF buoy is 6 metres and the period is a whopping 18 sec. 15-20 foot faces on the bombs would be my guess…

Oops, look at the time, gotta go! Have yourself a top old day.

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