Dec 07 2007

Juice level dialled back down…

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Hello Friends,

Did you get in yesterday Sydneysiders? Fair number of people in the water most places I looked. Swell looks to have peaked at around lunchtime yesterday, when average periods of close to 9 sec coincided with 1.5 metres of average swell height from the east. There was some 11 sec component in the mix, so head high sets were not uncommon at places that took the swell.

This morning sees the average period back below 8 sec and average heights at sea of ESE swell of only about a metre. That’s a recipe for close to, but not quite flat. There’s still a bit of 10 sec energy around, so you could encounter the very occasional chest high plus set at the spots that like the tweak to the swell direction.

TheBureau says we should have some thunderstorms this afternoon. Wind is due to be light NNe 18-13 this am, going to 18-23 kts this afternoon.

As usual, I’m with the Goat on the call for this weekend. And I’m starting to get hopeful about the end of next week. For the past few days the long range models have been showing interesting developments to the NE of NZ. The latest call is for a broad area of fun size 2-3 metre 10-11 sec east swell filling into the east coast from around late Weds… and the way those models look right now, it could still be powering along nicely next Friday, thereby giving all of us at the RS xmas drinks that evening something to talk about.

Have yourself a top old day!

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