Dec 08 2007

More grey sky to start

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Hello Friends,

Although the skies are grey as Saturday kicks off, they’re set to clear up later as the wind goes around to the NE. Surf situation is pretty ordinary unfortunately for Saturday early risers.  The key factor is the average period which has faded to 6-7  seconds and heights at sea are only around a metre or so. At Dee Why this translates into weak and inconsistent knee to waist high. Toss in the 15kts or so of SSW wind and this morning is basically a write-off.

I’m not overly hopeful about the rest of Saturday, but there are indications of an energy increase tomorrow for our region. Not a huge amount you understand,  but there is the possibility of head high sets at exposed spots – if the forecast models are to be believed.

It looks as though it will quiet down again by Monday afternoon, but the models are still showing some promising indications of solid east swell from around lunchtime Weds through close of play Thursday. Fingers crossed!

Have yourself a top old Saturday and go well!


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