Dec 09 2007

Grey skies, but surf!

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Hello Friends,

As anticipated, a nice east pulse is filling into Sydney’s coast line this morning. Size is in the fun range thanks to the fact that the average power is close to 11 seconds, even though the average size at sea is only averaging around 1.5 metres.

There was quite a crew on the point at Dee Why when I checked around 0830. The sets I saw were into the head high range, so it looked well worth being patient and waiting for your chance to turn up. The beachy looked a bit smaller on average, but seems to be much less densely crowded.

From the look of the forecast, this morning could be the peak energy level for Sydneysiders but there should be waves around all day. The big issue is the wind forecast. The Bureau says that we could be looking at 20-25kts of NE’rly by this afternoon. Overnight we’re due for a wind change around to the SE at a similar intensity, so Monday may be somewhat ordinary. And, we’re set to have a steady supply of SE’ly wind through Weds.

The models are still calling for three days of east swell at power and size levels somewhat above what we have right now – from around Thursday. The wind forecast doesn’t look too awful, just the usual pattern of gradually building onshores through the day. Huey can always change his mind, but this pattern has been in the forecasts for a few days now, so I’m getting increasingly hopeful.

Get out there and have some fun!


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