Dec 13 2007

Ok Huey, where’s the swell?

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Hello Friends,

An obvious change to energy levels this morning, but that wind… Bureau is calling for 15-20 kts of SE wind with a building SE swell.  However, the MHL buoy for Sydney is showing east swell at a couple metres and averaging 8 sec apart. There is some 12sec peak component in the mix according to the buoy and it may be that which is responsible for the shoulder high set I saw come through Dee Why point at around 0730.

From the look of the data, the average size up and down the NSW coast is around the 2 metres and average periods are around the 8 seconds we’re seeing in Sydney.

Unfortunately those SE winds are making the ocean look pretty ordinary even at relatively sheltered spots like Dee Why. So, junk surfing it is me hearties. Good training for sharpening the reflexes I guess.

The Bureau says we should see the SE wind back off to 10-15 kts tomorrow morning and by tomorrow afternoon be around to the NE. By then, according to a couple of the forecast models, we should have longer average periods and therefore better size. I dunno about you, but I generally prefer bigger junk over smaller junk!

One line theatre review: Saw “Keating” last night and the word of mouth that kept them extending the season is spot on – absolutely brilliant!

I’ll endeavour to update later if the schedule permits, in the meantime, go well with your day!

0730: junky Dee Why

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