Dec 20 2007

dropping, but not quite inert…

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Hello Friends,

Surf activity has tailed off overnight in Sydney. According to the MHL buoy bobbing off our fair shores, the average period has dropped from around 9 seconds at this time yesterday, to around 7 seconds. At the same time, average height of swell at sea has gone from about 2 metres to something closer to 1 metre. Primary direction has gone from SE to close to NE.


Down Dee Why way, those settings were translating into the odd waist high set along the beachy and nothing much at the point.

The Bureau says we’ll see NE winds building through the day, eventually getting up to 25-33 kts at exposed locations. That ought to push up the windswell at least a little bit. We’re set for a repeat of these arrangements in Sydney tomorrow, so there could be some little junky ones in the morning and bigger junky ones in the afternoon.

Typical early summer menu from chef Huey.

Have yourself a top old day!

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