Dec 22 2007

Could be something later…

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Hello Friends,

Blustery morning for Saturday in Sydney. Prospect of a shower or two, but the big factor is the wind. Depending on where you’re standing it’s anywhere from 10 to 30 kts from the N to NE as I write this. The Bureau has hoisted the gale warning and is saying that wind could push up to 40kts on the peak gusts ahead of the a WSW change this afternoon.

The MHL buoy shows the swell to have kicked up into the 3metre range. It’ s averaging around 8 sec apart and is coming from the NE. That should mean a bit of juice at spots that like NE but that have a little protection. More options for surfers on the northern beaches than those of you reading this at say, Bondi. The usual suspects line up over this side of the harbour (Nth Palmy, Whaley, Nth Av, Bungan, Mona, Northy, Nth Curly, and possibly Queensie).

Dee Why has something, but no one was in when I checked, so hard to say what it’d be like. Not great I’d think with the wind and tide combo.

Speaking of the tide, this morning is likely to be fat and full until toward 1030 or so. No need to rush. Of course we’ll all be on it if the wind change this afternoon opens a perfect window NE windswell and SW wind… so be patient and Huey will give you a share.

Looking ahead, I reckon we could possibly have a little activity for Christmas day…

Go well!

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