Dec 23 2007

Sunny Sunday, small surf

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Hello Friends,

Wandering into the control room very late today, sorry!

Situation report is as follows. : at midnight the MHL buoy off Sydney recorded a sudden swing from the NE to the south. At the same time, the average period notched down another second or two to about 6 seconds. Average size at sea is around a metre, but on the beache at Dee Why it’d be struggling to reach waist high. Great day for the kiddies to go for a paddle. But I don’t think the surf equipment will be of much use.

From the look of the other buoy data up and down the NSW coast, there doesn’t seem to be much in prospect, although there has been a little uptick down Port Kembla way… so who knows, maybe there’s a hope of a little improvement to swell size later today…

The Bureau is calling for the wind to go from the SW around to the SE as the day goes along. According to at least one of the swell models, tomrrow will be a bit small, but there might be something into the surfable range around lunchtime on Christmas day in Sydney. Basically it’s looking like a south swell, light south wind combo.

Get up to some good, take it easy and have fun!


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