Dec 24 2007

Not great… sad to say…

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Hello Friends,

Schedule a bit deranged this week, so apologies for tardiness. Sadly, today’s delay had nothing to do with being in the water. If you were just going by the numbers, you’d have to say the settings are at “marginal”. There’s about a metre of south windswell, but it’s only 8 seconds apart, so the amount of energy on hand is fairly minimal. South exposed places might pick up something into the waist high range, but judging from the Dee Why stretch, the average heights will be closer to half that.

Winds are light ESE right now, but due to wander around to the NE later ahead of a south change. Said change is likely to arrive this evening in Sydney and when it does, the wind will  bump up to 20-25 kts. It’ll stay around that velocity overnight, according to the Bureau, but will moderate into the 10-15 kt range during Christmas day. Weather will be dull and cloudy with the odd shower in the mix.

Unfortunately, while the change will bring an increase in windswell energy, it doesn’t look like being much. Remember lunchtime yesterday? Well, it’s probably going to be along those lines Christmas day.

It then looks as though we’ll be into a few days of minor conditions until late in the weekend when things could start getting very interesting up north. The long range models are pointing to the potential for 10sec+ NE swell developing by around Sunday in Sydney and perhaps a day or so earlier up north. Could be very interesting early next week…

Go well and take care!


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