Dec 26 2007

Boxing Day not out of the box

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Hello Friends,

The gloomy conditions of Christmas day in Sydney have given way to increasingly blue skies this morning. Not much wind about for the early risers either (it’ll go 10-15kts NE this arvo). But there the good news pretty much ends for surfin’ folk in Sydney and hereabouts.

There is a small SSE swell, but at only 1.5 metres and around 8 seconds apart, it is producing only the most marginal surf outcomes at beaches facing into the primary direction. The biggest wave I saw between DY and North Narrabeen was a solitary set that might have been chest high for an instant before it shutdown at a non-descript bank somewhere north of DYSLSC. The Long Reef end of the beach where one might hope for the occasional wave, showed nothing of interest during the time I watched. I suppose there could be the odd waist high set, but it’d be a bonus. Around the corner along the Collaroy-Narrabeen stretch, things were/are no more inspiring. One person was sitting hopefully just off the beach at about the Marquesas while half a dozen stalwarts were flying the flag of optimism up at Northy.

I reckon if you catch a waist high wave at a south facing stretch of beach in NSW today, you’re doing well.

The outlook for tomorrow and Friday is no brighter. Indeed, on current reckoning the models are showing near flat conditions into Saturday. But from Sunday on… things start looking very interesting indeed.

For the last few days now, the models have been showing a low pressure system forming up off the SE coast of Queensland and then gradually moving toward the coast. The call is currently for the swell to go east and start building in size and period from early Saturday on the far north coast and in SE Queensland. It could get pretty big too. At least one of the models is showing 4-5 metres of 11 sec ESE swell (with blasting southerlies) by late Sunday. At around that time, we should be getting some forerunner ENE swell into the Sydney region. Peak day for us currently looks to be Monday when (according to one model anyway) we should be seeing 3 metres or so of 11 sec E swell and lightish SE wind.

With luck, we’ll haveĀ  juicy conditions right through to New Year’s Day.

We shall see!

Go well with your day and get up to some good where you can.


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