Dec 27 2007

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Hello Friends,

Pretty small along the northern beaches this morning. A few people in the water at Northy and one or two at Dee Why when I checked around 0600-0630. Maximum size might be waist high, but mostly it’s smaller than that. Pretty gutless as well because the waves are only 5-6 seconds apart. Plus, we have a big high tide filling in at around 1030… so, not what you’d call great surf prospects.

And the general outlook is for more of the same across the tomorrow and Saturday… but then things start getting very interesting – if the models are to be believed.

From late Friday there should be obvious signs of the increasing swell along the far north coast. Come Saturday morning things could be more than a little interesting along the Goldie as a E-ENE swell starts filling in as the wind goes around pretty hard to the SSE. By Sunday the Goldie could be well and truly maxed out with at least one of the models calling for upwards of 6 metres of 12 sec period east swell.

24-36 hours later it should begin to be pretty obvious along the coast as far south as Sydney. The models don’t show us getting into the size range of the far north coast, but they are indicating solid 11-12 sec 2-3 metre stuff from mid afternoon Sunday. This should build a touch more into Monday and on current reckoning, last right through Wednesday. Unlike the far north, our wind forecast is currently for lighter, but mainly onshore conditions across Sun-Tue…

All good!

Go well with your day! south narra crew

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