Dec 29 2007

Still flat, but for how much longer?

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Hello Friends,

Not happening in Sydney or pretty much anywhere south of about Ballina, but everything is pointing toward solid energy heading our way from late Sunday night.

Saturday doesn’t look like being of much interest to surfers in the Sydney region and I reckon there’s only a slight chance of it being much better tomorrow at this time. About the biggest thing I saw was a knee high set at north Collaroy. The Dee Why to Longy stretch was just about perfectly flat.

Today’s marine forecast is calling for light N-NE winds in the morning, increasing to 18-23 kts this afternoon. Put the time in with family and friends because you may be somewhat distracted from about Monday onward.

The swell models are looking very interesting from late Sunday through to the end of the week. Sydney doesn’t look as though it’ll be getting the best of the size, but if the forecasts play out as the models predict, I don’t think there will be too many complaints.  The computer forecasts are calling for a week of 6 metre 11 sec east to ese swell for the far north coast, while they’re currently calling for only 2-3 down here in Sydney. But you folk along those northern stretches will be looking for options out of the strong SE’r, while we’re apparently set for generally light winds down here in Sydney.

This is one of the best looking forecasts I’ve seen since winter.

Go well, one and all!

Pretty quiet looking at South Narrabeen

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