Dec 30 2007

First hint of swell visible

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Hello Friends,

The first hint of an improvement to surf prospects for the Sydney region is now visible along north east facing stretches.

The biggest stuff I saw at around 0930 were some chest high things at north Collaroy. I’d guess that it’d be as big up the Narrabeen end. About an hour later, I checked Dee Why beach and while you can see the little line out of the ene, size is in the near-pathetic range (ie about waist high on the better ones).

Wind is definitely a factor. The Bureau says we’re in for a standard issue summer day (ie, 15-20 kts of NE’r in the afternoon), but they’re also agreeing with the wave forecast models and are calling for an increase in average wave size.

Right now we’ve got a 1-2 metres at 7-9 seconds offshore from Sydney. The buoy is showing the main swell direction as being ENE. Meanwhile, up the coast, things are considerably bigger. They’ve shut the beaches along the Goldie and in the surf zones north from there. Winds are howling at gale force up that way, so your best options will clearly be the well protected ones. I’d be guessing you won’t be getting too many waves to yourself at Noosa and similar.

Outlook for the week ahead remains very good. The models are showing a continuous supply of solid east swell from well south of Sydney to the northernmost of Australia’s east coast surf zones. If the forecasts are correct, there should be waves for around a week! Definitely one of the best looking forecasts I’ve seen since winter.

Have yourself a very good one!

Dee Why still small and weak

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