Jan 02 2008

Another beautiful surf day

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Bit of size showing at North CollaroyHello Friends,

Still some juice in the tank this morning for Sydney surfers.  According to the MHL buoy, Huey’s let the size setting come back from an average of around 2.5 metres yesterday to closer to 2 today. But the power setting is still a touch above 10 sec and the dominant direction is still dead east. So, if you got waves there yesterday, you should find pretty much the same today. I think it’s definitely cleaned up in the last day or so as well.

The wind forecast is looking pretty good for our region today as well. Light NW in the morning, going around to the NE, but not getting much above the 10 kt mark.

It was fairly crowded at the places I saw people in the water (Northy, Longy, the Pole and the point) but it’s not absurd. Go to the beach in a patient state of mind and you’ll be home a few hours later with some happy memories.

The call tomorrow is for the wind to be lightly onshore early and then to settle into 10-20 kts of E/SE later. But Huey’s dialling up the size again too. If the Bureau’s right, we’ll be getting closer to the 2.5 metre range from the east north east on Thursday. Yum!

Hope your fitness levels are good, because the models are showing ENE swell through Sunday. As you’d know if you saw the news on Ch9 last night, we’re in for a significant swell event on Saturday.

At the moment the models are saying we should see strong easterly winds develop during the day on Saturday and as they kick up, the swell will also start to rise. The most conservative number right now is 4 metres at 11 seconds, but at least one model is showing a peak of close to 7 metres late Saturday in Sydney.

It’s set to drop overnight into Sunday, but there could still be some 4 metre stuff around. I reckon 6 metres of face on the bomb sets at the most exposed ENE spots is not out of the question. The wind will not be helping on Saturday, but with luck it’ll drop back a bit on Sunday.

Oh, and the models are showing solid 2 metre east swell through Tuesday!

Go well with your day and don’t take any learners to the beach!

Wish you were there. Dee Why beach lefts.

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