Jan 03 2008

Junky now, bigger stuff coming…

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Hello Friends,

Thursday starts with messy conditions in Sydney thanks to the ESE wind. Swell has dropped slightly since yesterday morning at this time but it’s still out of the east at around 2 metres and close to 10 sec apart. Sadly, conditions are not likely to improve, as the Bureau says our region can expect a further increase in the SE winds to the 15-20 kt mark.

Tomorrow’s outlook isn’t too nice looking. Those winds that have been hammering the north coast and SE Queensland for days now, are set to push further down the coast and so we’re in for 20-25 kts of SE with a building east swell on Friday.

Saturday should see winds staying onshore and in the 20-25 kt range as the swell builds to peak intensity. The models are showing 4-6 metres at around 11 seconds for that peak in Sydney. It’s set to be coming out of the NE so I reckon the Bower could be interesting. And, if your’re looking for something out of the ordinary, the inner harbour spots could have a wave. I’d also be very surprised if the swell doesn’t scrape away quite a bit of sand along the Collaroy-Narrabeen stretch.

I shall be observing this all from afar however because later today I’m catching the aluminum sky bus to California this arvo. By weird coincidence, they too are expecting a pulse of swell. The call is for a Saturday peak (at sea off Southern California) of around 4 metres at 16 seconds (!) from the WNW. Yikes!

Have a great day, whatever comes your way.

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