Jan 07 2008

from the charthouse

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Hello Friends,

A report from the chartroom for ya…

At 0700, the southerly was already blowing at 10-20 kts across the Sydney region. The swell height is roughly where things were left at close of play yesterday (ie, about 1.5 metres from the E by ESE), but Huey’s dialled the power setting down from yesterday’s okay 10 seconds to a more marginal 8).

It’s due to be grey and even drizzly this morning, but the Bureau is calling for to fine up later and for the wind to throttle back a bit into the 10-15kt range.

My guess is that if you got waves there yesterday, you might get something there again today, but at reduced size. I’m thinking chest to head high on the bigger ones at places that handle the wind and swell direction.

Okay, let’s unroll the charts for the week ahead…

Yeesh. Doesn’t look too great for Sydney… I don’t think it will exactly go utterly flat, but it’s set to drop into the very marginal range (think waist to chest high on the bombs). Could be a bit better up north, but there’s nothing showing that is even remotely suggestive of the swellfest we’ve had to date. So, looks like more of a typical summer pattern developing.

Meanwhile, here in California, our swell has also throttled back. I’m about to head out for a look, so if I find anything, I’ll post it here later…

Go well!

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