Jan 10 2008

Into a holding pattern

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Hello Friends,

Looks as though both sides of the pond are entering a bit of a holding pattern ahead of the next pulse.

Sydney surfers are looking at classic summer conditions, ie gutless, tiny vaguely east windswell and gradually increasing NE seabreezes through the day. You’ll want to be pretty desperate for a grovel to be out there today I would’ve thought. The situation looks not entirely dissimilar to yesterday afternoon, so if you found something worth doing then, it might be a plan to have a look there at the corresponding tide today. From the look of the data, this situation prevails pretty much up and down the east coast (although it looks as though the further south you go, the flatter it gets).

The long range forecast models are fluxing a fair amount, but it still looks as though this weekend could see another east coast low trying to form off the far north coast. Should that happen, then from around Sunday surfers in Sydney should be seeing some improvement to size as a new mainly east swell fills in from the north. The Bureau is currently suggesting that we could get a late south change on Sunday at around the same time as a couple of the models are saying the swell should be peaking.

The good news is that the long range models continue to show 2-3 metres of east swell at around 10 sec apart from Sunday through to the middle of next week for the Sydney region.

California Diary

Swell has pretty much faded away now, but yesterday a pal and I managed to extract a few final chest high offerings at a place called La Conchita. La Conchita is about three minutes south of Rincon. It’s nowhere near the same quality as the famous spot, but it can still get good and often it is much less populated. That was the case yesterday. There were at least 30 waiting at the Cove at Rincon as I went by, but at La Conchita, there were just two people in the water where the southernmost section of the spot starts. Sets were in the waist to chest high plus range, but quite inconsistent. This might not have mattered too much, but for the fact that it was a grey and cold afternoon with water temps down toward the 12 degree mark. An hour in that with a 3/2 was about all I could manage. Still, for all that time, there were just the two of us waiting for waves.

Our outlook in Southern California is not quite as cheery as Sydney’s. We should get a pulse through on Saturday-Sunday, but then it looks set to drop to flat by Monday.

Have yourself a top old day, wherever you may find yourself on this planet of ours!

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