Jan 11 2008

On hold still…

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Hello Friends,

Once again we seem to be in a holding pattern on both sides of the pond.  Sydney looks particularly holding pattern to me. Overnight the average height at sea didn’t change much (it’s still around the metre mark) and the direction moved only a bit more (it’s currently mainly east), but the average period has slipped from 8 to 6 seconds. That should unleash a tremendous burst of microscopic, gutless junk – if I don’t miss my guess.

No need to feel too gloomy Sydney surfers because Huey does seem to be banging away in your swell workshop…

While Friday and Saturday look less than awe-inspiring, it would appear from the forecast models that things will start to move around a bit from Sunday. I will be most interested to see what the Goat makes of these things, because I reckon there might be a little kick from the NE on Sunday arvo, followed by some potentially surfable south change nonsense on Monday, before a return to a promising alignment of swell size and wind direction for Tuesday…

California Diary

Didn’t score any waves yesterday as it was quite small in Southern California. Skies cleared though, and today is bright, sunny and a little breezy. It seems there is some small NW swell around, but I’m not too confident that it’ll be surfable. However tomorrow, and for the next couple days after that, looks interesting. We’re due for some fun size west swell with light winds and sunny skies. Ah, California… so with luck I shall have a few more “postcards” for your amusement.

Go well with whatever comes your way!

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