Jan 12 2008

Huey changing his mind again?

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Hello Friends,

Hmmm. Situation for Sydney surfers does not look too spectacular this morning. There was a bit of north wind around daybreak, but more importantly, the windswell has gone almost north and, while it’s a metre or so out at sea, Huey hasn’t nudged the power dial overnight. Those in search of a wave are not likely to find much of anything, because on average those little lumps are only about 6 seconds apart.

The Bureau says the wind will pick up this morning and be kicking along at up into the 20-25 kt range by dusk. Bleargh. I suppose there is a slight chance that it could push up some little things at semi-protected spots like Curly or Northy, but I would be pretty surprised if you could catch anything much above waist high.

I’m pretty much with the Goat (see below) on the outlook for the next few days. The longer range charts are suggesting that things will bump along in typical summer fashion over the latter part of the coming week, ie, not stunning, but not flat either.

California Diary

Swell perked up unexpectedly yesterday morning, but high tide meant it was pretty fat everywhere. I kinda messed up and didn’t get to the beach until an hour or so before dusk. Surfed at Pittas Point (about 10 mins north of Ventura and 10 mins south of Rincon). Only got a few waves before this bizarro rip tore the guts out of what had been some very zippery shoulder to head high walls. Saw some long cover ups as people pulled into these little pits for many seconds at a time. Rincon looked good but too crowded.

This morning I had a look around and once again, Rincon was the swell magnet. Tide was too high (and still coming in) for my taste, but I got some snaps to share with you. My hope is to pick up a little something this arvo on the dropping tide. Our outlook is for some solid west swell tomorrow through about Monday, then it appears to be going flat for the rest of the week… boo.

Have yourself a top old day and may the smiles come thick and fast for you.

cove, Rincon with 20 out and approaching high tide

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