Jan 13 2008

Going big in CA

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Hello Friends,

Surf conditions in Sydney today look a long way from the situation in northern California where Mavericks is on the build. At first light, the wind in the Sydney region is lightly from the NW, but the Bureau says it’ll build steadily from the NE and be up in the 20-30 kt range ahead of a 25-33 kt south change this evening. The short version: get in asap.

Average size at sea off Sydney this morning is about a metre from the north, but the period is a woeful 6 seconds.  High tide is in the middle of the day, so wind will be pushing up with the tide – wonderful.

Looks as though there will be a kick in size as the change comes through, but the Bureau says it’ll be pretty windy early. The wind should back off during the day Monday, but the swell looks set to track it down.

Tuesday is back to NE’r and some little but potentially fun NE windswell. The rest of the week  isn’t looking big for Sydney, but it should improve into the head high range from around Thursday as the period stretches out toward 12-13 sec from the east. Could be some fun ones.

California Diary

No pics to share with you yet, but I hope to rectify that situation later today. The swell is ramping up. Mavericks is pretty thunderous right now and very exposed So Cal spots such as California Street in Ventura  are beginning to light up with some head high plus energy. Average periods are an astounding 18 seconds! Tide is high around midday here as well, so I’m chilling until it turns.

If you get a sec, you should check out the live broadcast from Mavericks at http://www.myspace.com/maverickssurf The technology is very impressive indeed. They even have a big screen set up on the beach and at a ballpark in San Francisco. Talk about big dollar operations.

Have yourself a top old day!!

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