Jan 18 2008

On the decline in CA

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Hello Friends,

Another windy, rainy and cool day lined up for Sydneysiders. The Bureau says the showers will be frequent and the highs won’t get past 22. Low tide’s mid-morning, not that it matters much. The wind has pushed up the slop overnight and at around first light the MHL buoy was showing 2+ metres of SE windswell at about 7 sec apart. You could get a wave of some sort from those conditions, but with the rain and the 15-25 kts of E to SE wind, I’m not sure why you’d bother.

California Diary

Swell has pretty much dried up for southern California now. There were some remnants yesterday in the waist high range at California Street in Ventura, but pretty much every where else was smaller.  Our outlook is for not much until maybe Monday when there might be a brief pulse into the surfable range. Fingers crossed by yours truly as that will be my last shot at cold water surfing before heading home to summery Sydney.

I’m certainly not moaning because I’ve had heaps of surfs during my visit here. The first 10 days in particular were impressive. This week may have dropped off, but that’s something surfers everywhere know is part of the deal. Just for the record, I’ve managed to surf (from north to south) Seals, Campus, Rincon, La Conchita, Hobsons and Pitas point. That’s two right reefs and 4 right points. Kind of a heavy bias to the natural footers around these parts.

Catchya later, and have yourself a great day!

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