Jan 19 2008

Stormy one for Sydney, flat in SoCal

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Hello Friends,

Pretty ordinary Saturday coming up for Sydney surfers I’d say. At 0500 the radar was showing a fair amount of shower activity apparently heading the city’s way from beyond the Blue Mountains. The Bureau says showers for this morning, backing off this afternoon. All of which wouldn’t be of too much concern were it not for the equally ordinary swell indicators. The MHL Sydney buoy is showing an average of 2 metres at sea at about 8 seconds apart from the ESE. Wind was 10-15 kts from the ENE and the call is for it to push up to 20-30 kts from the NE this arvo.

North corners might have a very junky little something for diehards, but I’d guess most folks will be letting this one go through to the keeper.

If you’re near a radio at 0725 this morning, tune in 702 ABC and you can hear the Goat giving his update on surf conditions and likely a few thoughts on the surf week ahead.

California Diary

Zippo, flat as a very flat thing in southern California. It may be rainy, windblown junk in Sydney, but you could, in theory, actually catch something there. Here it is glassy and not above knee high. Oh well.

BTW, I highly recommend reading the Mavericks story I posted yesterday. My mate Pete went along on our behalf and came back with a great little yarn and some pics. Just the thing for a rainy Saturday morning.

Go well with your day!

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