Jan 22 2008

Size but junky in Sydney, near flat & junky in CA

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Hello Friends,

Looks like a day of sizable junk for Sydney surfers. Surface conditions should be pretty ordinary through the day, so even though there’s close to 4 metres of 10 sec south swell (figure head high plus at exposed spots), my guess is that not many places will be worth the effort. Wind this morning is starting out lightly from the SW at many points along our stretch of coast, but the Bureau says it should be SE’ly for the rest of the day. Going to be kind of cool for this time of year as well with highs only getting to 22 or so.

Outlook for tomorrow is currently for light ESE winds early and a gradually fading swell. Maybe it’ll clean up a little overnight…

California Diary

Groan. Looks like I’m outta luck on the surf front. Really high tide, kinda junky wind, and only knee to waist high for my section of southern California this morning. Oh well. I put up a little postcard for ya anyway.

Have yourself a top old day!


Campus point looking pretty sad…

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