Jan 26 2008

Australia Day, junky but you can ride ’em

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Hello Friends,

Did you hit it yesterday? If so, it should be about the same again today – ie marginal and junky, and knee to waist high at most spots. Great day to get down to your local Australia Day celebrations I’d say because you won’t be missing much if you don’t get in.
Here’s the scoop: like the rest of the east coast of Oz, the Sydney region is getting lashed with a wet noodle on the surf front. An ESE windswell of about a metre or thereabouts is lapping in at an average period of 8 seconds. There seems to be a little longer period component in the mix on the Sydney MHL buoy, so that should mean you’ll get the odd bigger set in the mix.

I “surfed” Dee Why yesterday and it was very odd. The ocean was bouncing around and strange because a broad rip zone had formed in the south corner. It looks to me as though it’s still there this morning. Additionally, we have a pretty extreme tidal range over the next few days. There’s a big high late this morning and then a low, low around 5pm.

Outlook for the next 48 hours or so is more of the same small, but not flat and junky conditions. There are a few interesting looking trends on the long range forecast models, but at this stage I don’t see much of anything in the Sydney region’s immediate future. The action looks like being up along the far north coast and down along the surf coast in Vic.

Have yourself a good one!

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