Jan 28 2008

grey to start, but energy around

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 few little things on offer at DY

Hello Friends,

The Monday holiday starts out foggy and windy in Sydney. The southerly is around the 20 kt mark as I write this, but the Bureau says we can expect it to  moderate and then back around to the E-NE this afternoon. Interestingly, we still have a little wave energy around. The dominant component is out of the east by ene at about 9 seconds and is averaging around 1.5 metres. However, there continues to be a little something in the 12 sec range being worked into the mix.

At Dee Why this morning, everyone was pushed down into the corner by the southerly, but as the pictures I posted show, there were a few into the chest high plus range. Fair number of people in the water, but it seemed reasonably consistent.

Outlook for the week ahead is for a gradual decline, but not a fall to utter flatness. Today looks about the best prospect until mid-weekend when we might get a bit of ENE windswell worthy of the name. Thursday currently looks to be the least interesting day for Sydneysiders. Could be pretty close to flat.

Just about it for the summer hols… make the most of the day!


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