Jan 31 2008

Still a few waves about

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Hello Friends,

As expected, the energy levels have slipped down another notch this morning for Sydneysiders. However, it’s not quite flat at places that can do something with the metre or so of SE windswell currently lapping in.

Average period is about 8 seconds, but the MHL buoy is still showing some longer period stuff. That may account for the chest high sets I saw coming into Dee Why when I checked it around 0645. There were a few folks in the water, but you couldn’t describe it as crowded and I’m reasonably confident that it isn’t the only place in Sydney with something rideable. I don’t want to exaggerate its virtues, but gutless as this little windswell is, it was amusing to play with it yesterday morning and I reckon the same applies to today.

It’s going to be a steamy one today in Sydney, but a south change is due through tonight. Tomorrow will be cooler and windy from the SE (20-30 kts) in the morning.  Unless that long period stuff hangs around, I’d say the Friday outlook is not spectacularly wonderful for Sydney.

Overall it looks as though we’re going to have smallish short period windswell into the weekend. The good news is that the models are showing some interesting developments south of Fiji and north of NZ toward the middle of next week. Could possibly look more exciting by the time we get to Wednesday. As usual, we will see what we see.

Go well with your day!

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