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Feb 29 2008

Rain’s gone, wind’s here.

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Dee Why at daybreak

Hello Friends,

Well, the rain seems to have finished along the northern beaches this morning. Wind is light SW for those who don’t mind the 16 degree temp. Swell is averaging around 4 metres out at sea, but it is dead south and the average period is around the 9 sec mark, so there isn’t a tremendous amount getting into protected corners such as Dee Why. There were a few hardy types out on surf rescue board at around 0700 when I had a look at the aforesaid stretch of sand. Sets were shoulder high, but not looking particularly powerful.

From the look of the buoy data, the swell peaked last night. However, the forecast is for the wind to kick back up into the 25-33 kt range (up to 40 kts out at sea), and that should drive the swell size back up. Tomorrow the call is for 20-30 kts of southerly early, fading as the afternoon comes along.

Looks like a beautiful leap year day coming up for us, so go well with your endeavors and stay happy.

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Feb 28 2008

Here we are on the 28th of Feb 08

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 little DY but not flat

Hello Friends,

Light south winds inshore this morning meant glassy surface conditions at the protected spots. However, the call from the Bureau is for the breeze to pick up and get into the 25-33 kt range by this afternoon. Swell is out of the south at 2 metres. Average period is an okay 9 seconds with some peaks into the 12 sec range. Wind is due to stay southerly over the next four days, so that should see the swell gradually push up into the 3 metre plus range at sea. That ought to keep the protected corners interesting.

If you’re up north this weekend, it looks as though another bout of sizeable but stormy conditions are likely to settle in and last into the new week. Yours truly will be making the trek north to those fair lands on Sunday. The plan is to spend the week in Noosa, covering by all manner of means the many doings at the Noosa Festival of Surfing. I’ll  be taking along my cameras and interviewer’s mic with the goal of hunting down a few interesting tidbits for RealSurfers. Should be fun – particularly if the forecast comes true and we see the 3-4 metre swell at sea some of the long range models are currently projecting.

Go well with your day!

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Feb 27 2008

27 Feb 08, lookin’ dribbly

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Hello Friends,

Did you get any of the south swell yesterday Sydneysiders? Hope so, because this morning finds us looking at small, weak conditions. The dominant swell direction now seems to be from the NE and average size at sea is around 1.5 metres. Yesterday the average period was around 11 sec at the peak of the swell. It then plunged overnight to around 8 sec as the swell direction swung to the NE.

The average period seems to have bounced back into the 9 sec range, so maybe it’ll get a little more energetic. However, when I watched Dee Why before sitting down to write this, I didn’t see anything much above waist high come in. There were only one or two bods in the water, so I’m guessing I didn’t miss seeing any bomb sets.

The Bureau’s forecast says we’re due for light NW in the morning, accelerating into the 15-20 kt range this afternoon.

Outlook for the week ahead is for it to stay small to marginal for the next day or so, before a run of strong southerly conditions sets in for a few days.

Go well with your day!

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Feb 26 2008

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ooo, noice!Hello Friends

The short version: we have a couple metres of 10s SE swell and  light NW winds to begin the day in Sydney. The forecast is for the wind to kick up into the 20-25 kt range from the NE later. MHL’s Sydney buoy is showing peak periods into the 14 sec range – that’s juicy. And the good news is that down the coast from us, the buoys are showing _average_ periods of just under 14 sec. So, with any luck, those sets should be getting a bit more frequent as the day goes along.

I’m planning to take a closer, ahem, look this morning, so, if possible, I’ll report in again later.

Outlook for the remainder of the week is generally pretty good on the waves front but on Thursday it looks as though Huey plans to slam the engine room telegraph over to southerly…

Go well with your day… and keep on smilin’

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Feb 25 2008

The last Monday in February…

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Dreary skies and onshores, but waves.

Hello Friends,

Did you get a wave at the weekend? Sydney sure had its share of surf options – particularly yesterday at south swell spots. Back to grey skies this morning with a steady east wind making surface conditions less than attractive. According to the MHL buoy, Sydney’s looking at a couple metres of dead south swell. The power setting is on 10 sec with the odd longer period rogue to keep it interesting.

The day should brighten up as it goes along and the wind is due to come around to the NE with a high temp along the beaches of around 24. The swell should gradually ease, but right now the models suggest that it shouldn’t go completely flat in the coming week. While the cloud is set to break up today, the outlook for the rest of the week is a bit showery and – from around Thursday on, somewhat windy from the south. The very long range outlook currently anticipates another burst of good size south swell and light SW wind for next Sunday… big call, so we shall see…

Have yourself a top old day!

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Feb 23 2008

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Hello Friends,

Beautiful morning but with a fair amount of SW breeze at first light. It’s due to throttle back to 10-15 kts and swing to the SE as the day goes along. The swell has faded on us overnight but there are still a few little ones around at the spots that had waves yesterday. I saw some waist high plus sets at Northy, down near Marquesas and around the corner at Dee Why.

The trend is downward from the look of the MHL data. There might possibly be a little upward tick in size this afternoon if a little SE pulse makes it up the coast to us.

Some of the models are showing a bit of longer period 1-2 metre stuff from the SE over the next 3-4 days, so it shouldn’t go completely flat.

Have yourself a top old weekend!

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Feb 22 2008

Friday running late because of the waves…

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22feb08bwr.jpgHello Friends,

Sorry to file so late… but I got up and went to the beach to shoot some vid and, well, one thing lead to another… ended up getting wet at the Bower on way too high a tide. That was the problem for us this morning. All the other elements were in place: a solid 10sec 3 metre ESE swell, light winds (glassy in fact under the cloud), but that tide was a real issue. When I got out of the water near noon, waves were still splashing up over the wall in front of the cafe at the end of Bower lane. The NE wind had just begun to fill in, so conditions were not going to improve for the 30 or so folks contending for waves at the Bower.

As ace wheelman PB guided his cruiser past the crowded beachfront cafes and the tourists looking to dash across from the Corso against the lights, we heard the Manly life guards ordering swimmers out of the water as they shut the beach. Looked like there might have been some interesting stuff at North Steyne for a little longer before the wind change, but getting out would’ve been an experience.

Curly and Dee Why were not inspiring – if you were wondering. Plenty of size, but extremely messy and disorganised looking when we went by.

As I write this, the wind has finally kicked in to match the forecast and is breezing along at 10-15 kts from the NE right across our region.

By this time tomorrow the warm temps and NE’ly are set to have been replaced by an overnight SW change which will give us a cooler day and a morning dominated by brisk S-SW wind. There should still be some of this swell around the place, but it will be quite a bit smaller.

Hope your day’s been a good one!

ps: shoutout to the young bloke who paddled up to me at this morning just to say nice things about this little old site. Always puts a huge smile on my face when that happens. Go well mate!

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Feb 21 2008

Here it comes…

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 Little signs of the new swell already showing

Hello Friends,

The much anticipated swell has started to fill into Sydney this morning. If you were down at Dee Why around 0730, you were getting some glassy shoulder high sets and seeing the odd bigger bomb. According to the Bureau, there could be a light shower or two around this morning, but for the most part it should be a fine day. The wind should swing from this morning’s light SW around to a less favourable 10-15 kts of SE’ly. At the same time, the swell is due to ramp up into the 3 metre range.

The latest observations coming from the MHL buoy network are showing a touch over a metre on average at about 9 sec from the east. Up the coast the average periods are closer to the 10 sec mark and average heights at sea are near 3 metres.

As suggested by the models, the low responsible for kicking the swell up is moving pretty quickly off to the SW, so at this stage I’m thinking the peak won’t be happening tomorrow am as I thought earlier, but could be during the early night hours today instead. There is some variability in the models though, and some are still showing the peak of the curve lunchtime tomorrow. It’s all good fun!

The weekend looks as though it’ll see the swell fading, but I’m hopeful that it won’t be knocked out completely by the strong SW change due late Friday afternoon. I’ll be interested to see what the Goat reckons for the week ahead, because I think we should basically have something more or less surfable with a little burst of extra south energy early in the work week.

Get out there if you can and have yourself a good one!

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Feb 20 2008

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 You need a very long craft for today’s conditions

Hello Friends,

Nice morning in Sydney. A few picturesque clouds decorating the sky and no wind to speak of. So, what is it about this picture that I’d improve?

Well, for starters I’d like to put a word in Huey’s little shell-like ear about the wave settings. Surf situation remains marginal at Dee Why… marginal, but not totally flat if you have the right equipment. Sets are in the waist high range and they’re pretty far apart, but it looks like that will change soon.

The MHL buoy data from up north is showing the east swell ramping into the 3 metre range. We’re still sitting on about a metre, but the Bureau is saying that we could begin to see an improvement later today and that by tomorrow the ENE swell should be making its presence felt. For their part, the models continue to suggest that we’ll be looking at overhead conditions and NW breezes for Friday morning.

A strong SW change is due through Sydney around midnight Friday, so Saturday morning should start with 25-33 kts of S-SW wind and shoulder high (or better)  east swell.

Looks as though the swell will back off, but not go flat into the new week… and the long range models are showing quite an impressive looking south swell filling in from around late Tuesday…

All good I’d say!

Go well and get up to some good where you can.

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Feb 19 2008

Small now, but looking good for the weekend

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 little but rideable at DY on 19 Feb 08

Hello Friends,

Oooo… still looking interesting for Thr-Fri in the Sydney region… but today really isn’t all that exciting. There were a few folks in the water at Dee Why this morning. It was glassy and around the knee to waist high range, so you really needed the mal or the fish to get up anything resembling speed.

The Bureau is calling for 10-15kts of light onshores from the E-NE.  Average size at sea off Sydney is around the metre mark at 7 seconds apart. The dominant direction is from the east, so that should mean pretty much the same conditions across our region.

Speaking of the Bureau, time for another quote from the marine forecast summary:

“During the next few days, a low is expected to develop in a monsoonal trough east of the central Queensland coast. This is expected to move southwards towards the QLD/NSW border during Wednesday before moving away to the southeast on Thursday. Wind strengths along the far north coast on Wednesday/Thursday will depend heavily on the exact location of the low. Swells are expected to increase to 3 to 3.5 metres in the far north during Wednesday with periods increasing to 10 seconds or more, with waves breaking dangerously, close inshore.”

I think that this is the first time I’ve ever seen a mention of period in one of these summaries –  which is kinda cool. But the interesting thing is that it currently looks as though we in Sydney should start to see that east swell filling in from around Thursday afternoon. The wind is due to be out of the SE unfortunately, but on Friday morning, the call is for NW-NE ahead of a late south change. At that point the models are calling for swell to be in the 2-3 metre range from the east at around 10 sec apart.

The call right now by the models is for swell to stick around at the 2m/10 sec mark pretty much through Monday. One of the longer range predictions shows a new southerly system swinging around Tasmania and arcing off toward NZ early next week. If that happens, it could fan some useful south east swell our way. So, all and all, it’s looking promising…

Keep on smiling!

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