Feb 02 2008

Saturday has little waves

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 Marquesas looking amusing at 0640

Hello Friends

I’ve gotta dodge off to kid cricket this morning, but if I didn’t I’d be getting down to the beach quick smart because there are some fun looking little SE windswell waves getting into lots of places. Not huge, but I did see at least one shoulder high set at both Dee Why and near Marquesas on the Collaroy to Narrabeen stretch. Speaking of which, there were people scattered right along the peaks from just north of Collaroy proper all the way to Northy. The Dee Why to Longy stretch seemed to be better at the southern end. Just look at the crowds to see where the best waves are concentrated.

Outlook is for this stuff to stick around through the day but the wind is set to swing from it’s present light SW to a typical 10-15 kt seabreeze in the afternoon.

The forecast for the week ahead in the Sydney region doesn’t look amazing, but it ain’t bad either. If it comes to pass as the models are showing this morning, we should have waves across the next 7 days as a steady supply of ENE windswell feeds us a diet of waist to shoulder high conditions and summer afternoon seabreezes. Lovely!

Go well with your adventures today and may all your strategies play out to your satisfaction!

0650: busy down Dee Why way, but quite okay.

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