Feb 06 2008

Weds am looks nice!

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Hello Friends,

Light NW winds and some ESE windswell into the head high range on the bigger ones at Dee Why beach (point doesn’t seem to be doing much). That should mean lots of other places are offering variations on the same theme in Sydney this morning. The good news is that the wind is meant to stay from this direction across our region all day, so there shouldn’t need to be any frantic rush to get down there before it all goes pear shaped.

The Bureau reports that a small low has  formed off the south coast and that it is moving away to the south. By tomorrow we’re set to get a strong southerly change through the joint. Today should be warm (28) on the coast, but tomorrow it’ll be back to low 20’s and rain periods.

The only annoying factor is the water quality. With over 100 mm in our part of the Dee Why catchment as a for-instance, there is no question that the swill factor will be pushing into the danger zone for those with open wounds, compromised immune systems, etc. Plus, there was apparently a release of 8 million litres of sewage and stormwater from North Head during a bypass event early yesterday morning (see news item, right).

Have yourself a top old day!

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