Feb 07 2008

Chinese New Year opens auspiciously

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 Dee Why point about 0745

Hello Friends,

Happy Chinese New Year!

The plan is to get out there this morning because there’s a strong S-SW change due through Sydney early this afternoon. Swell has powered up a notch and is into the 10 sec period range. It’s dead south and right on 2 metres according to the MHL buoy data. Looks as though there might be some bigger ones in the mix every now and again. Not that the average ones are without their attractions.

So far all I’ve seen is the corner at Dee Why, but that is looking reasonably solid and there are a fair number of folks having a cut at it. Size is around the chest to head high mark on the bigger ones, so it looks well worth the effort, especially given the early morning glassiness.

Outlook for tomorrow is for continuing 20-30 kt S-SW winds to start, but these are set to shift around to the SE and moderate slightly as the day goes along.  The swell should keep rolling along nicely, so if you can work out a way to escape the worst of the wind in a south corner, there should be some reason to get wet.

Have yourself a brilliant day!

Dee Why beach, about 0745

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