Feb 08 2008

Gloomy skies once again

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 Not too exciting looking at Dee Why

Hello Friends,

How’s the day shaping up? Well, I trust. If you have surfin’ on your mind, I’d say don’t be too excited if you’re in Sydney. It’s not flat, but the conditions aren’t exactly picture perfect either. Our juicy east swell has been replaced by a bigger south swell.

According to the MHL data for Sydney, it was averaging 2 metres at about 10 seconds from the east at this time yesterday and now it’s averaging closer to 4 metres at about 9 seconds. And that obviously should mean bigger stuff at south exposed spots this morning. I don’t know if it’s the banks or the weird rip that’s developed at the south end of Dee Why, but when I checked it, there wasn’t anything too impressive in the way of size.

The forecast for today is mainly cloudy with  a shower or two. The wind is out of the south at around 15kts at 0800 and the forecast is for it to basically stay that way through the day. Another big high tide this morning at about 0900.

Go well with your day and keep on smilin’!

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