Feb 11 2008

Waves for those who want them…

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 Some fun little sets at Dee Why 11 Feb 08

Hello Friends,

Looks as though there are still a few waves about this morning. Wind is  light as of 0730 and the SSE swell is averaging about 1.5 metres pretty much up and down the coast of NSW. The period has bumped up a bit and is now around the 9 sec mark, which is a good thing.

At Dee Why there are sets into the shoulder high range, but mostly it’s a bit smaller than that. We’re set to be rain-free today and the wind is due to get up to 15-20 kts from the NE this afternoon.

Outlook is for the conditions to fade toward flatness across the next 48 hours but then to perk up again into the surfable range as  Huey flicks the switch to southerly and showery around about Thursday.

Should be partly cloudy and around 24 on the coast of the Sydney region today.

Another day on planet earth – let’s make the most of it!

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